Kekekabic Trail Map Set

This set of 3 maps includes numbers 7-9 that cover the entire Kekekabic Trail. The Kekekabic Trail is a 38-mile long wilderness hiking trail located in the BWCAW. It is one of the toughest, meanest rabbit tracks in North America. The Trail struggles its way through swamps, around cliffs, up the sides of bluffs, and across rocky ridges. It is choked with nightmarish patches of clinging brush. It is blocked with tangles of windfalls and standing timber. It is pressed, in places, on all sides by outcroppings of rock; sometimes it snakes its way over old riverbeds, slippery, rocky and treacherous. In other areas, it is a peaceful path loping through open stands of timber with a soft, mossy carpet underfoot. It is the kind of trail that would break the heart of a person who didn't have what it takes to go into the wilderness and try to "smooth it".

All maps are: Waterproof, Topographic, Hillshaded, and feature Trails, Portages, Campsites, and more!

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